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They're hiding secrets, from everyone of us for so long now it's hard to decide who to trust Unite as one, yeah that we must the ignorance of society, though it seems a little bit suss. Stand up as one n ask all the big questions like any human mystery they don't want you to mention. Watch them cause a panic in any big city They can kill a few more because their hands are already gritty. We run the world on oil but only in the name of profit And in 2013 it might be too late to stop it but on the other hand yo, it might not because in the grand scheme of things the earth is only just a tiny spot And as slowly as we can, we kill it for the money in our hand Understand, that we should all share the same n one vision but to make it become a reality we gotta make some hard decisions. Hold up because that's where a problem lies, humans are so comfy, livin' their shitty lives One day we all might think the same but until then yo, you've only got you to blame like, the more I think about it, the more it gets to me Why are all the rich people so fuckin' greedy huh? They have everything but still they want more, they wanna control our minds, they even tell us when to go to war But it's not enough, nah they won't stop there they wont stop until all we do is sit n stare. I'm just sayin that we could all live in a better place n maybe one day we could all be a better race.
MC MJD When you're a kid they say follow your dreams, but my only dream was to play on the dream team Obviously that was never gonna happen so I either had to find a new one or just imagine Any type of thing that I could ever think of, think for too long n my brain would switch off For a kid this is a lot to handle, it's almost like life is one big scandal right? Chill out cos I won't get too deep, too deep n you'll probably fall asleep We'll just take it a few bars at a time, think of it as another story only mine Ridin' BMX, havin' sex with the ex I'm pretty sure I broke up with that one in a text, damn, those were the good old days but now the days are better because the past is just a haze. There's still a lot of dreams out there somewhere ready to be plucked by anyone from the air A lot of people forget and others never cared, but when you succeed these are the ones that a gonna stare At you in your new fancy car, at you throwin' cash over every bar Givin' you a look like you don't deserve none of it, but little do they know you earned every bit of profit The only difference is you had a dream n went for it, while they stayed at home n only just saw it I admire anyone that had a vision, n had the fuckin' balls to make the hard decisions I'm not sayin' it's an easy thing to do but if you grow a set you could probably do it too Wake up everyday n attempt to change your life But if your feelin' good then your doin' it right. Junior
Reflect 04:10
Chorus: Reflecting on my life N I will never know why The reasons that I lied Until the day I die Take time to reflect, take time to reflect, take time to reflect so that you can say you have no regrets. Verse one: Reflecting on things that I've done so far I used to quit a lot of shit cos it got too hard I'd pick it up, put it down, I took the easy way out Left myself with nothing but self doubt And it felt like shit, so I changed my life n the way that I lived it Kept telling myself it's gonna get better But inside I felt just a little bit deader I put the mask on that you call a smile It's been this way for a very long while I can't find a place to call my home cos I lived in fear of the unknown They say you gain culture, as you get older But I feel like I'm stuck like a chain on a bolder or like I'm trapped n a prison, but with experience I gain more wisdom But it's just not enough, I gotta push through when life gets tough Instead of whinging n feelin sorry for myself I'll focus on things like my own mental health And maybe one day I can help someone else Cos life with a purpose is what it's all about To me every year they get a bit faster, So it becomes harder to be my own master. Chorus Verse two: In case you haven't noticed I'm not one of you I'm a little bit different in every point of view I get out of bed on the right side This world can be so ugly sometimes I'd rather hide It's like I'm not movin fast, you're just stuck in slow mo Or it seems that way to me cos I'm so small though Either way I shouldn't really care, cos we all have to share the same air I used to let insults get the very best of me Felt sorry for myself like my life was a tragedy I woke up one day n I shrugged off the apathy Now I soak up all the peace n serenity I don't expect you to understand where I stand Or why I'm even here with my pen in my hand To be honest sometimes I don't either man I jump in the deep end without a back up plan Lucky for me I don' t take life seriously I feel bad for people that do ridiculously It's your choice if you wanna live happily Too many people choose to spread hate, yeah sadly Make time for reflections Cos some things need more attention N other things need no mention This is why I'm always stressin' Chorus
I guess one day we all wake up Look in the mirror like what the fuck? Is this me? N where am I goin? How'd I get here n who am I known? Is it my fault that my life sucks? Or is it one of those things like bad luck? Either way it's time for a change, switch things up so my life is re-arranged Meet new people n see new places but keep in mind where my home base is I guess that's one thing I'll never forget I guess that's one thing I'll never regret I need my people to keep me grounded Cos I had lost my shit, but then I found it While everybody tip toes around it, I embrace it like the horns are sounded Most mental pain is self inflicted So I shrug it off before I fall in deep shit Get out of any hole that I've ever dug Yeah the fat lady, well the bitch has sung I always thought that there had to be more Even though people always said that the world's small I gotta know what's behind that wall N I don't give a fuck if I fly or fall Over think nothing n live life free That is something I wish to achieve A lot of people say that I can if I believe but that's one thing I just cannot see I don't even care if I have to restart Cos I had the balls to follow my own heart Say goodbye to everything that I know Now I've packed my bags so catch ya, catch ya gotta go
Best Of Days 04:46
Sometimes I feel like I need to get out of here Not talkin' about the town though, I mean the fuckin' atmosphere Cos as of lately things are becoming a bit more clear So if n when I tell you fuck you, know that it is sincere I don't yet but maybe one day I'll regret it For putting your brain in the fetal position until I think your gonna need a medic Don't tell me if you think that I'm pathetic I'm the best, I'm the king, suck my dick cos I never said it But I'm pretty good at making bad decisions So to finally make some good ones, I'm makin' that my brand new mission Maybe one day it will put me in a better position But that will not be based on anyone else's opinion, no I hate it when people ask cos the past is in the past but then that's probably good because good things never ever last They slip through your hands like "thanks I had a blast" N yeah I kinda think that life goes a bit too fast. Chorus: It's already 2013 What were the generations thinkin' before you an me? They started to kill the world before we even had a chance So now all we do is work, get drunk n dance. It'd be pretty sweet if life was like a movie cos we need to find some structure to our lives, No wait, do we really? I kinda like not knowing what the next day will bring It's almost like life has it's own type of seasoning In that case I need a lot more of that good shit Because this same all flavour, I'm gettin pretty sick of it No one ever died from change, or even if they did It doesn't change a thing I'd still rather live life like a kid Some days just getting out of bed n walking is like tryin' to use the Jedi mind trick on Steven Hawking Okay, I guess I just over exaggerated, over exaggerated might even be a bit of an understatement We should probably be about peace, love and unity But we seem to be a bit more into stupidity Oh well, I guess we're all fucked anyways So I hope you all have the very best of days.
See Midnight Cereal


It's a little bit aggressive and full of subliminal messages...and it's free.


released January 10, 2014

All music and Lyrics by MC MJD‎

Additional vocals by Junor

Remix by Dela Chey

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Adam Boon at Professional Audio Services, Wodonga VIC Australia.

Production: MC MJD, Heidi (Fallen Pony Music) Adam Boon

Released through Fallen Pony Music


all rights reserved



MC MJD VIC, Australia

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